What Makes Us Different from Other Physical Therapy Clinics in Costa Mesa / Orange County

You might not realize it, but there are big differences across physical therapy practices in terms of the type and quality of care that you can expect to receive.

As you consider where to go for top-notch physical therapy services in the Orange County area, here are some key ways that Cuirim Sports Recovery in Costa Mesa offers an elevated level of care.

You’ll always be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
Believe it or not, some clinics still rely on the classic bait-and-switch: They’ll entice you with promises of high-quality care from a licensed physical therapist, but once you’re in the door, they’ll pass you off to an undergraduate PT aide after 15 minutes.

At Cuirim, we guarantee you’ll receive a full hour of one-on-one treatment with one of our fully licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy. All of our physical therapists have doctorates in their field, and many have master’s in athletic training as well.

You’ll get concierge-level service 
We are a cash-based, out-of-network physical therapy practice. That means we can avoid a lot of the restrictions that insurance carriers put on PT clinics, preventing them from giving the kind of treatment that truly helps patients reach their goals.

At Cuirim, we take a highly personalized, interdisciplinary approach to treating patients. We don’t just treat the symptoms of a single injury. We’re looking to understand your lifestyle, activities, work and family life, physical strengths and weaknesses, and emotional and mental health. It’s really a holistic approach aimed at getting you back to good health and staying that way.

You’ll be interacting with people in your community
In Gaelic, “Cuirim” means “in the community.” We gave our clinic this somewhat unusual name because we wanted to emphasize the close connections we have with our patients.

We live, play, work and volunteer in the community we serve. There are always multiple connection points to every patient. All of the PTs we hire participate in the sports that our patients play. We believe this aids in the recovery process. People trust us and feel connected to the process. 

Want to give us a try? Come and check out the premier physical therapy clinic in Orange County.


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