The Most Common Sports Injuries That Physical Therapy Can Effectively Treat

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Physical therapy treatment can accelerate your recovery from a sports-related injury.

Every serious athlete knows the aches and pains that can come with pushing a body to its limit. But it’s important to know when you’ve pushed too far and injured yourself. Whether you’re a high school or college athlete, involved in professional sports, belong to a club, run ultra-marathons, or just work out casually a few times a week, you know you’re not immune to injury.

According to the CDC, Americans suffer nearly 9 million recreation-related injuries every year. General exercise, football, basketball, cycling, and recreational sports account for the most injuries.

An injury can really set you back, impacting your ability to maintain your physical condition and compete at an elite level. While you shouldn’t ignore your injury and risk further harm, you also want to recover and get back to peak physical performance as quickly and safely as possible. 

At Cuirim Sports Recovery in Costa Mesa, we specialize in working with people seeking to recover from athletic-related injuries. Our clinic provides highly personalized, one-on-one physical therapy treatment to get you back in top form.

What are some of the most common sports injuries that we can help with? Take a look to learn more!

Pulled Muscles, Strains, and Sprains

While strains and sprains aren’t as devastating as something like a broken bone, they still take time to heal and rehabilitate. Overtaxing your muscles, tendons, and ligaments can result in tears to those muscles and connective tissue, causing pain, inflammation, and swelling that make it difficult to continue with your regular regimen.

These injuries are typically rated as mild or moderate. They may heal on their own in as little as a week or two in milder cases with rest. For more serious injuries, physical therapy with the certified physical therapists at Cuirim Sports Recovery offers an excellent way to recover as quickly as possible without re-injury. 

Knee and Ankle Injuries

Many athletes put incredible strain on the lower half of their bodies, particularly on moving parts like the knees and ankles. That is why such injuries are among the most common for sports professionals and highly active individuals. Sudden movements, hard impacts, and twisting in the wrong direction can all lead to issues like strains, sprains, ACL tears, and torn or ruptured Achilles tendons, among other conditions.

The good news is that our physical therapy clinic in Orange County has skilled professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and the right equipment to treat these common sports injuries with personalized plans that are fully tailored to your body, your injury, and your goals. Unlike many other physical therapy clinics, we guarantee that you will spend a full hour with one of our licensed PTs at every session. It’s one of the best ways we provide the most personalized physical therapy treatment in Orange County.


While concussions are more common in contact sports than in other physical activities, they still occur frequently and may require significant recovery and treatment services, including physical therapy. You might need help to recover your balance, stability, and focus after a concussion. Physical therapy can support a faster recovery process.

Consider Our Physical Therapy Services in Orange County

Through physical therapy, sports recovery, nutritional support, injury screening and prevention, and other services geared toward the treatment of sports injuries, Cuirim Sports Recovery is dedicated to returning you to peak physical condition after an athletic injury.

Contact us at 949-409-4557 or online to speak with our friendly staff and set up an appointment to learn how we provide the most personalized physical therapy treatment in Orange County. 

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