Special Techniques We Use at Cuirim to Deliver Highly Personalized Physical Therapy Treatment

One of our physical therapists employing the Graston technique on a patient.

There are a lot of choices in Orange County for physical therapy services. But you’re unlikely to find a clinic that offers the breath of services that we do at Cuirim Sports Recovery in Costa Mesa.

Here’s why: We take a unique, interdisciplinary approach to physical therapy treatment. Cuirim’s patient-centered focus is designed to help you achieve your personalized goals and increase your sense of empowerment.

To give you this concierge-style treatment, we offer a wide range of services, including sports recovery, personal training, injury screening and prevention, and nutritional support.

We also rely on some unique techniques you may or may not be familiar with, or have experienced personally while receiving physical therapy treatment. These include:


The soft-tissue technique known as Graston is a patented form of manual therapy that relies on specialized stainless steel tools to perform fascial mobilizations. Think of Graston as a more intense, deep-tissue version of the physical therapy you might be used to receiving.

Typically, the physical therapist will run the specially designed Graston tools over your skin to find fibrous or scar tissue that may be a source of pain or restricting your movement in some way. The tools are then used to “break up” the tissue to restore mobility and function.

According to the Graston patent holders, this technique is the leading soft-tissue therapy used by two-thirds of NFL, NBA and MLB teams.


This patented technology uses air pressure massage to muscle ache and pain, and to increase circulation to the targeted areas. These pulsating compression devices attach to the arms, hips and legs, and are designed to enhance blood flow and ensure that fluids leave the limbs after a workout.

Other benefits of utilizing NormaTec include increased flexibility and range of motion, better recovery times and a lower risk of injury. The technology has become popular with athletes, Crossfit enthusiasts, runners and cyclists. 


A cupping treatment in progress at our physical therapy clinic in Costa Mesa.

A healing practice long used in eastern medicine, cupping offers tremendous benefits for our athletes and physical therapy patients. These include ⁠increasing blood flow and circulation⁠, speeding up recovery times⁠, and decreasing pain, swelling and tension.

⁠Cupping also helps break up fascial restriction to improve mobility⁠ and loosens connective tissue to stimulate healing⁠. You may have experienced cupping while being treated by an acupuncturist. At Cuirim, it’s become an integral part of the overall treatment plan for many of our patients.

Hypervolt Percussion Therapy

So-called “massage guns” such as the Hypervolt and Theragun have become hugely popular in physical therapy and athletic training. These devices use rapid percussing movements to accelerate warmup and recovery, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, and enhance muscle performance.

We use it regularly on our patients to help ease sore muscles, improve circulation, and reduce pain. Our athletes say it helps with muscle function and coordination, and improves their overall performance and recovery.

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