Questions You Should Definitely Ask to Evaluate Physical Therapy Clinics

The Cuirim Sports Recovery clinic has everything we need to provide the most personalized physical therapy in Orange County / Costa Mesa.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a physical therapy clinic in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine or elsewhere in Orange County.

But choosing a physical therapist who’s a good fit for your needs isn’t necessarily straightforward.

Here are some key questions you should be asking physical therapy practices when deciding the right one for you:

Am I getting treated by a doctor of physical therapy?

This seems obvious, but in some practices, you might actually get more face time with an undergraduate PT aid than a licensed doctor of physical therapy. Obviously, personalized treatment from a licensed physical therapy practitioner is the kind of care you need if you’re looking to recover from an injury. You should expect and demand it.

At Cuirim, you’re guaranteed to receive hands-on, one-on-one attention from a fully licensed, evidence-based practitioner with a doctorate of physical therapy during your entire appointment.

What kind of specializations or certifications do your physical therapists have?

Different physical therapy clinics offer different specializations. The practice that’s located conveniently near you might not have the specialization that you need. These specializations could include sports recovery, athletic training, injury screening and prevention, occupational therapy and nutritional support.

What’s more, be sure to check what certifications the physical therapists at the clinic in question have — if any. For example, we have PTs who are certified in Graston, Active Release Technique (ART), Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

What kind of equipment does your clinic offer?

It’s critical that you find a practice that’s properly equipped to provide the kinds of treatments you need. Does the clinic have a reasonable number of treatment tables for the number of patients being treated? 

Beyond basic things like exercise balls and mats, does the practice have specialized equipment dedicated for strength and balance building? Typically, physical therapy clinics need parallel bars for lower body rehabilitation exercises; power racks, weight benches and physical therapy weights for building all-round body strength; and upper-body machines for strengthening shoulders, arms and backs.

Also, does the training space feel spacious? Is the waiting area comfortable? 

Obviously, the best way to evaluate any clinic is to make an in-person visit. We invite you to take a tour of Cuirim Sports Recovery in Costa Mesa. Did we mention that we have a super friendly staff and kombucha and cold brew coffee waiting for you?


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