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Learn How to Control Stress and Thrive From it!

Stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a world where relentless hard work is praised, and lack of sleep is bragged about, it’s no wonder stress is such a common aspect of our lives. Add on a nice, heaping pile of a worldwide pandemic and stress is on the front of our minds more than...


What Do Your MRI Results Really Mean?

Our Current State of Pain and Injuries The United States is el numero uno on the planet in reports of musculoskeletal pain. Currently, 43% of Americans report chronic pain. In order to combat this high level of pain we have developed a habit of obtaining and consuming opioids at alarming rates. In 2008 we consumed...


What is Pain Trying to Tell You?

What is Pain? Pain is without a doubt confusing and flat out weird. One day there is nothing, and then the next you have pain. Often, from the outside it looks as though nothing has changed. This article aims to help explain pain and gain a better understanding about the purpose of pain in the...