4 Foods You Should Be Eating to Maximize Sports Recovery

Help your body recover faster from workouts and injuries by giving it the nutrition it needs.

We take nutrition seriously here at Cuirim Sports Recovery in Costa Mesa. But not too seriously! Healthy eating should be joyful and yummy, of course.

But did you know that you can actually eat your way to a stronger body that also recovers from injuries faster?

Here are the top foods and supplements you should be adding to your regular diet to help your body recover better from workouts and injuries.

Protein-Rich Foods: Protein is an essential building block for your body to build muscle, repair damaged tissues and prevent muscle loss after an injury. It can also help to reduce inflammation, while keeping you feeling satisfied longer so you’re not raiding the fridge in a hangry fit. Think meat, fish, poultry, tofu, beans, peas, nuts or seeds.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Inflammation is the body’s natural response after an injury. But excessive inflammation can slow down your recovery. Foods packed with omega-3 fats have been shown to reduce inflammation. Think fish (especially cold-water fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines), walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

Calcium-Rich Foods: Your mom was right when she told you to drink your milk. Calcium helps build strong bones. Equally important is making sure you get enough Vitamin D, which encourages your body to absorb calcium. Together, they are essential for bone injury recovery. Vitamin D also helps recovery after surgery, especially for ACL-related injuries. To get more calcium, consumer dairy products, calcium-fortified plant milks, dark leafy greens, broccoli and seaweed. For more Vitamin D, all you have to do is get outside more often and soak in the rays. In beautiful Orange County, that’s an easy ask!

Creatine: Creatine is a natural substance found in protein-rich foods such as meat or fish. Creatine turns into creatine phosphate, which helps make a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides the energy for muscle contractions. Hence, creatine is helpful for anyone who does a lot of high-intensity exercise. Some studies suggest that it could also improve muscle mass and overall sports performance. Take a creatine supplement to get more of this body-building substance in your diet.

Here are more foods you should consider eating for a stronger, more injury-resistant body:

  • Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C
  • Zinc-rich foods such as meat, fish, shellfish, seeds, nuts and whole grains
  • Glucosamine supplements (but be careful if you are allergic to shellfish, iodine or are pregnant)
  • Foods loaded with magnesium such almonds, cashews, peanuts, brown rice, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, lentils and milk

What are your favorite foods for a better recovery? Drop us a note in the comments section.


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